Can I use the camera while it's being charged?

If you want to use Sphericam for many hours in a row, that’s possible! Our USB-C port allows a much higher current than old USB 2, which means you can charge the battery and operate the camera simultaneously. If you use a computer such as the latest Macbook which also has USB-C, it is possible to keep the camera charged, and to stream recorded video off the camera, onto the computer’s internal disk, all at once.

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    Steve Fines

    I want to use it on a drone. Could I power it from a battery pack to the USB-C and record to the micro SD cards?


    I figure that way I could power it for as long as needed, and swap out the cards between flights to get in a day of flying.

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    Hi Steve,

    You can power Sphericam camera from your computer via USB-C and not with battery pack. So for now your use case is not quite possible.

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