Can I capture 360º surround sound?

Sphericam 2 has 4 internal microphones, which output 4 separate audio streams or as mono stream in the video sequence. When viewing devices adapt to full 360 sound (mind you - microphones for that cost more than several Sphericams right now) we will partner with them to adapt to the standard. For now, directional audio can if not properly done, can ruin the immersion experience and mono is a much safer option.

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    Chad Capeland

    Are the microphones at least tetrahedral?  Even if you can't process the audio at release, having an ambisonic A-format recording would be a nice option.  Default could me a mono mixdown, but if someone had the software to process it further, it could be very interesting.

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    That would be very interesting. We don't have it yet, maybe in the future.

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