How streaming works with Sphericam 2?

Sphericam 2 captures everything in 360º degrees at 30FPS or 60FPS. Then it stitches the 6 videos together inside Sphericam 2 at the 30FPS setting (and on a laptop at 60FPS) providing a live stream in equirectangular format to a USB-C cable to a required laptop or computer, then the signal is able to connect to any RTMP server such as YouTube and soon Facebook.

The current streaming capabilities of Sphericam 2 will exceed the current resolution and bitrate of current broadcasting services such as YouTube’s max stream of:

  • Resolution:  2560x1440
  • Video Bitrate Range: 9,000 - 18,000 Kbps
  • Encoder settings Protocol: RTMP Flash Streaming
  • Video codec: H.264, 4.1
  • Frame rate: up to 60FPS
  • Keyframe frequency: Recommended 2 seconds do not exceed 4 seconds
  • Audio codec: AAC or MP3
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